February 16,

Bonds Have Investment Risk

Investments have elements of risk. Some investments such as Bonds and Certificates of Deposit have less risk, but they are not risk free. What are the risks of bond investing? The two main risks associated with bonds are credit default risk and interest rate risk. Credit default risk: Let’s say an investor buys a $10,000 XYZ corporate bond and XYZ company declares bankruptcy; essentially the company has defaulted on the investor. It is likely that most or all of the... Read More

February 12,

“Is it a Crash, or a Correction?”

“Is it a Crash, or a Correction?” With the stock market decline last week, many were left asking this question. My response is, it all depends on whether or not you were prepared for it. Getting caught off-guard is always more disruptive than something you anticipate. This past week, the US Market made a saw-tooth decline. We saw as much as a -6% single intra-day decline, a peak-to-trough drop of -10.6%, and a little rebound at the end leaving us down -7.2% for the week (... Read More

January 31,

How High Income Earners Can Contribute to a Roth and Other Differences Between Roth 401K and Roth IRA

Although there are a lot of differences between a Roth IRA and a Roth 401k, I wanted to highlight what I believe are some of the more significant ones. Individuals utilizing a Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) have the same objective, to qualify for tax free distributions. In both situations, the individual contributes after-tax dollars to the accounts, and while the Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) have a lot of the same rules, there are some important differences. 1. Contribution limits Roth 401(k... Read More

January 25,

Why is it a good time to have a financial plan and to assess your investment risk level?

The US stock market has been climbing for nine years and is riding at record highs. It is easy to get comfortable and forget that markets do go down – sometimes a lot. The closer to retirement investors get, the more vulnerable they can become to market declines. Maintaining a prudent investment strategy during these phases of life is critical to retirement success – not to mention peace-of-mind.  Research by Michael Finke, David Blanchett, CFA, and Michael Guillemette... Read More

January 10,

10 changes to the tax code that you should be aware of

With President Trump’s signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22nd, many of our clients are still wondering what has really changed and, more importantly, which changes will personally impact their taxes going forward. The good news is that most of us will pay less federal income tax under the new tax code. The bad news is that for many taxpayers, the reduction in tax paid will be less than we were initially led to believe. Here are 10 changes that are likely to impact many... Read More

December 31,

Did Someone Say Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics on the market right now. Recently, we’ve had many individuals express their curiosity with investing in a Cryptocurrency known as bitcoin. There are those who believe your brain has gone missing by not partaking in the investment, and those who feel like they’re playing a game of Russian roulette and would rather not pull the trigger. Not familiar with this type of investment? Let’s break down the basics of bitcoin:... Read More