HFG University-2017 Internship Program



Our internship program was developed to provide high-performing college students with valuable professional experience in the financial industry.

Our goal was for participants to gain knowledge from our experienced staff, provide hands-on office experience, tasks to enhance their skill sets and an environment that would allow them to explore their interest of finance and business. This summer, we had the pleasure of having two interns work alongside us.

Our interns were driven young adults, with a true passion for learning. They exemplified HFG’s commitment to the client experience and we were thrilled to have them as part of the team this summer.

With a commitment to life-long learning, HFG Trust will continue to invest in developing young professionals. We wish the best for our interns in their future endeavors.

Mercedes Haberling and Joshua Scott have provided us with some takeaways from their experience and we would love to share them with you.



Joshua Scott-Utah Valley University


I have been exploring the realm of financial planning during my studies this last year and a half. I am a student at Utah Valley University and will be graduating this December. To begin, I want to share what led me to this career path in financial planning.

I had recently finished a two year religious mission in Mexico City in October 2013 when I returned home to resume college. My life for the last two years had been about forgetting myself and seeking to serve the people. The experience was revelatory to me; I discovered what seemed to be an innate passion to meet new individuals and families and determine how I may serve them in their needs. Upon coming back, I yearned to find a career that could give me satisfaction along the same level as my mission experience. After perusing a list of all the degrees offered through the university, I saw financial planning and decided to do some research as I had never heard of financial planning before. I was sold on financial planning as it seemed to be a wonderful mix of numbers, problem solving, flexibility, and long-term relationship development.

After several courses and hours of study of a wide range of materials, I felt ready to diversify my college experience. Around the end of 2016, I had the desire to search out a quality internship with a financial planning firm to ultimately apply what I had been learning. I knew there was so much more to learn by interacting with advisors, service team members and, especially, the clients. I found HFG Trust by surfing the internet for a firm in the Tri-Cities area where I have some family.From the time I entered the door, everyone here has been friendly and willing to mentor me. I came in with high expectations that I wouldn’t be too limited in my exposure to different activities and tasks that consist of day to day work as a financial advisor. From compiling client annual reviews to participating in client meetings, I feel satisfied and grateful for the willingness of each person to let me be very involved. Something that is undeniable is the desire of all to further improve the client experience, even if that means pursuing resources that are more costly to HFG Trust.The high expectations that I came here with are being fulfilled. I do not feel anything but enthusiasm as I come in each day with an inquisitive mind, ready to build upon what I have already learned. I have  enjoyed meeting, or at least glimpsing, the people that have come in this summer. Financial planning is a very rewarding career path that edifies both client and advisor. I look forward to taking part in guiding future clients toward the realization of all their goals, and then some.

Mercedes Haberling-Washington State University


This summer marked my second year interning at HFG Trust before starting my junior year at Washington State University where I am majoring in Accounting (Go Cougs!) I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside an incredible staff that has helped enhance my knowledge about finance and business as well as improve my skill sets.

When I was told I had the opportunity to write an article explaining what I learned this summer, I contemplated writing about putting together a Client Annual Review packet, learning about tax analyses or how I finally understand how investments work! After thinking about these ideas for a couple of weeks, I realized that none of those topics were what I would take away from my internship in the long run. After spending two summers in this office, I’ve learned less from the tasks I’ve been assigned and more from admiring the work the advisors do here. Being an intern has shown me first-hand the hard work and preparation that goes into each engagement and client meeting. I realized that all the tasks I was given were not just to pass the time or to keep me busy, but they were essential to HFG Trust’s end goal: Simplifying the client’s life. The preparation of paperwork and Client Annual Review packets seemed challenging in the beginning, but after being able to sit in a client meeting and see their reaction to knowing they could retire with no issues is what made the job so rewarding.I am thankful for the time I spent here this summer and grateful for the people I shared this experience with. I’ll miss the laughs and stories shared with the team and the snacks brought in by Teresa and Antoinette the most. Thank you everyone for a great summer! Can’t wait to come back and visit.



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