June 04,

Estate Planning Part One

Estate Planning is the process of arranging for the orderly distribution of assets (property and investments) upon a person’s death. And as the old saying tells us, “You can’t take it with you”; even so, we have to ask ourselves, “So what do we want to do with it?” The process can be very specific and elaborate depending on the size of the estate, the assets of the estate, or the desires of the individual. No matter the size of the estate, every person should have a plan for the transfer of... Read More

December 14,

The Discipline to Succeed

“When the market goes down will you start moving things around so we don’t lose too much?” Over the years we’ve heard that question countless times. It’s human nature to run when we sense danger. This instinct works very much to our advantage when we encounter a fire, rabid animal, or someone standing outside a grocery store holding a clip-board.  However, this flight instinct inherently makes us terrible investors. In this context we must learn to overcome our animal-instinct. We need... Read More

December 07,

General Purposes of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a unique asset. As advisors we are frequently asked about the value of life insurance. Our answer is always the same: “It depends.” It depends on the need it fulfills. Cash needed to fund a business transfer, pay-off a home mortgage, replace a charitable gift, equalize inheritances or to pay taxes may be easily determined. But calculating the value of a human life to a family is much more difficult. Setting aside the emotional element, we need to evaluate the projected... Read More