April 24,

1st Quarter Market Review 2017

Behavior Risk - Drag on Returns First Quarter 2017 Have you ever heard people talking around the water cooler at your office about the funds they have added or removed from their 401k plan? Has this left you feeling like you aren't staying on top of your finances? The temptation of making changes can be dangerous to your returns. Investors need to make investment decisions around the analysis of risk. Commonly discussed risks are market risk, inflation risk, currency risk, and... Read More

April 19,

Are You Normal?

In a recent conversation with a couple in their 60s, we were discussing their retirement plans, income needs and retirement account balances when they asked an interesting question: “Are we normal?” I clarified the question and found out what they meant: Does our current financial situation look like most 60+ year olds getting ready for retirement? In an effort to “fit in” most people want to know that there are others going through the same thing that they are... Read More

April 07,

401k and Cash Balance Plan Case Study

  ■ T. Michael Tallman, CFP® Legal Information and Disclosures This memorandum expresses the views of the author as of the date indicated and such views are subject to change without notice. HFG Trust has no duty or obligation to update the information contained herein. Further, HFG Trust makes no representation, and it should not be assumed that past investment performance is an indication of future results. Moreover, wherever there is potential profit there is the... Read More

March 22,

Commentary: 12 Jaw-Dropping Stats about Social Security

The title of Fox's article - "Jaw-Dropping" - might be an overstatement. Nonetheless, the article below expounds on things all pre-retirees should know about our Social Security system. As always, HFG Trust advisors are here to assist with any of your Social Security questions regarding your specific situation. The following is an excerpt of the article "12 Jaw-Dropping Stats About Social Security" published in Fox Business News January 10,2017. Click here to view... Read More

March 15,

Estimating Your Target Retirement Income

Determining if someone is on track with their retirement savings is a delicate mathematical dance that involves many assumptions about earnings on investments, average inflation rates, future income tax rates, and several other variables.  If you ask different advisors what their assumptions are for these variables, you will get slightly different answers (though any answer unsupported by unbiased academic analysis should be taken with a grain of salt).  One key amount will be the... Read More

March 10,

Should I Pay Off (Or Pay Down) My Mortgage?

I think I speak for the majority of homeowners when I say nobody wants to pay a mortgage longer than necessary. After all, it can be unsettling to have a large amount of debt hanging over you, especially given the interest cost. Do you, consequently, find yourself thinking about paying off your mortgage or putting a large chunk of cash towards your outstanding balance? Conversely, have you ever been advised NOT to pay down your mortgage? If either of these situations pertain to you then you... Read More