February 28,

The ABC's of Trust: How To Minimize Taxes For the Affluent

The presence of an inheritance tax dates back to the 18th century in the United States. As a result, the concept that the government collects a piece of your pie when you pass wealth to the next generation is not a new one. The good news is, with careful planning and working with a qualified estate attorney, most Americans can avoid or minimize what they owe to the IRS. This helps them accomplish their goal; enriching their loved ones.  One problem we often see in the financial... Read More

February 20,

Retirement: Now What?

Retirement.  That word brings up so many emotions and questions. Recently, my husband and I dealt with this very topic.  It was a little scary to think about him not working and not bringing in the income we were accustomed to having. Both of us were full of questions: What will he do with his newfound time?  Will we be able to continue doing what we have always done? Will we have enough for travel? Hobbies? Movies? In addition, he and I had very different approaches.  I... Read More

February 10,

10 Keys to Building and Maintaining Wealth

At HFG Trust, we have the opportunity to assist clients of all ages, some of whom are several years away from retirement.  Our younger clientele and children of clients generally come to us with questions about how to maximize their wealth-building opportunities.  Our recommendations are not new and have been suggested by people spanning decades- from financial gurus to grandma.  For those of you who are several years from retirement, we hope these are helpful suggestions.... Read More

January 19,

4th Quarter Annual Market Summary 2016

Executive Summary • Predictions, Forecasts, and Guesses • US and Emerging Markets good; International Markets not so good • Bonds and Interest Rates—Rates are rising 2016 Market Review In the 3rd quarter Market Review, I stated it was likely to be Hillary Clinton's presidency given the preliminary polling results and position of the experts. What we witnessed in 2016 was conventional wisdom and the experts were wrong. They were wrong with the US election, the... Read More

January 12,

Starting Young: Traditional Versus Roth IRA

Tennessee Williams once said, “You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.” These words are very true, especially in today’s high cost world. I recently was reading an article written by the Huffington Post titled “22 Percent of Americans Would Rather Die Than Retire Without Enough Money.” The article went on to discuss the depressing state of retirement in America and the survey responses that pose an early death as a viable... Read More

December 27,

The Fallacy of Investing Your Way Out of Excessive Spending

One of my favorite mantras comes from my partner Mike Tallman who argues “There are no logical decisions. They are all emotional.”  And he’s right. In the end, every choice we make is emotional.  The key to success is learning to skillfully apply logic to gently coach our emotions into making the right choices. Over the years I’ve learned some of the tricks our emotions use to circumvent logic. One of the most common is a logical fallacy known as hasty... Read More