December 23,

From Our Family To Yours

With the holiday season upon us, HFG Trust has been bustling with activity. Thanks to Noelia Haberling, our office is properly festive. And clients, friends and coworkers alike keep bringing in bucket-loads of holiday goodies. Our staff table is crowded with chocolates and cookies! This year our HFG Trust family shared some special moments from past Holiday seasons. Here are some of the high-lights: Teresa Goodnight: Teresa sporting her best gift Teresa with Connor What... Read More

December 21,

HFG Connect—December 2016 Edition

Not pictured: Bob Lagonegro Legacy: A message from President, Ty Haberling, CFP® This summer my daughter Mercedes had the opportunity to visit Europe and travel to many of the cities bordering the Old World’s Mediterranean Coast. She wasted no time updating her Facebook page with pictures of her adventure. As I flipped through her photo album, I couldn’t help but marvel at the pictures of ancient Rome and Athens. Some of the structures in these two cities have weathered... Read More

December 14,

Portofolio Management: What are the Investment Opportunities?

■ T. Michael Tallman, CFP® Legal Information and Disclosures This memorandum expresses the views of the author as of the date indicated and such views are subject to change without notice. HFG Trust has no duty or obligation to update the information contained herein. Further, HFG Trust makes no representation, and it should not be assumed that past investment performance is an indication of future results. Moreover, wherever there is potential profit there is the possibility... Read More

December 05,

Roth 401k Rollovers

If you have retirement funds held in the Roth 401k plan of a prior employer (or a similar employer sponsored after-tax retirement account such as a Roth 403b or Roth 457 account), you might want to consider rolling those after-tax retirement accounts directly into a Roth IRA.  While there are many similarities to the tax-free investment growth that these accounts offer, make sure you understand the differences that exist before making a rollover. Advantages of a Roth IRA vs a Roth... Read More

November 30,

Social Security Planning with No Regrets

One of the perils of growing older is that regrets start to creep into your thoughts.  The consequences of the decisions we make become irreversible at some point, but vary in impact.  We hear a lot of the same regrets. Individuals wish they had spent more time with their children, kept contact with old friends, or traveled when they could. Other disappointments retirees have shared include wishing they had saved more or worked a few years longer. As a Junior, one of my college... Read More

November 10,

Vacation in England

  Sam and family outside of Beatrix Potter’s house At the beginning of Fall, I had the opportunity to fly back home to England to visit my family for the first time in two years. I had been looking forward to visiting for a long while, not just because I would be able to visit with all my family and friends, but because I was taking my own little family home with me. My wife, Amie, and I recently celebrated our two-year anniversary and now have a beautiful baby girl, Emma who... Read More