August 24,

What to Expect From a Trustee

What would you do?  Expectations of a Trustee. If you are personally named a trustee, what would you do?  If you are a trust beneficiary, do you know what you expect the trustee to do?   When a trustee is named and accepts the responsibility, there are several duties to perform.  These duties are owed exclusively to the beneficiaries of the trust. Duty of administration A trust was created for a reason, usually the grantor specific instructions on how to... Read More

August 15,

ABLE Act (Amendment of Section 529) Allows Saving for Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities, as well as their families, face enormous struggles. Up to now they have not had access to the same financial planning tools as others who are preparing for college or retirement. The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, signed into law by President Obama on December 19, 2014, aims to ease the financial strains of disabled individuals and their families. ABLE amends Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Service Code and provides access to a tax free,... Read More

July 26,

Are you losing out on your 401k employer matching?

Some employees are missing out on employer 401k matching contributions without realizing it.  One way this happens is if their employer does not have a "True Up" feature in the 401k and if the employee makes varying contributions during the year. Most employers make a matching contribution based on a percentage of the employee contribution and their gross wages.  The big question is if the match is calculated on a Pay-Period basis or an Annual basis.  If the plan... Read More

July 22,

Leadership: A Behavior, Not a Title

Let’s examine the multitude of important issues we are facing today; terrorism, climate change, gun rights, unemployment, defense, globalization, health care, education, debt and more. All of which have the potential to impact your portfolio. As our world faces these challenges, we anticipate the need of a leader to guide the country through these issues. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans today have lost their faith in leaders our current political system attracts. Not to mention... Read More

July 08,

The Power of PLUPs

A Personal Liability Umbrella Policy (PLUP) is one of the most affordable forms of liability insurance coverage available, yet when I initially discuss this coverage with clients, many have never heard of it or are not aware of how it can provide them with significant financial protection.  So what is a PLUP and why should you strongly consider having this coverage?  Primarily, a PLUP is liability coverage that extends the liability coverage already included in your home and auto... Read More

June 29,

"Brexit" 101

Most of you experienced a small taste of just how volatile equity markets can be on Friday, June 24th. If you owned international stocks or mutual funds you witnessed significant declines of 8-15% over a 24 hour period in your portfolio. Like you, we consider this a noticeable correction worth devoting a little time and attention to understand our current political landscape. "Brexit" is short for Britain's Exit from the European Union. The European Union, as we know today... Read More