Financial Advisors

TY HABERLING, CFP® – President
Ty Haberling is a Certified Financial Planner that has three decades of experience. His vision in 1983 remains true today. Ty wanted to create a financial planning firm that valued independence (putting the clients interest above an institution), competency (advisors with finance degrees) and a commitment to life-long learning. The primary focus of his practice is retirement capital planning, portfolio management, investment tax planning, and estate planning. HFG does not prepare tax returns or provide life insurance. HFG has a consulting and problem solving culture. HFG employs a holistic approach, and looks at the whole and not just the parts of clients’ needs and goals. Ty is compensated through a fee-based relationship with his advisory clients. (Read more…)

BEN MESSINGER, CFP® – Vice President
Growing up, Ben observed a lot of households that appeared to struggle financially despite what he assumed to be good careers and incomes. Others seemed to prosper under similar conditions. He wanted to end up like the latter, so he made up his mind to learn how money works. He found the answers to his questions and now it’s what he teaches others. As far as he’s concerned it’s the greatest job on earth because he helps people avoid the traps and landmines of personal finance and investing. Helping people achieve their dreams is extremely rewarding to Ben. (Read more…)

Typically, when Mike meets with someone, they are: unsure if they can retire, afraid they will have to work for the rest of their lives, worried they won’t have any money at age 73, frustrated with their investments, confident they can retire, but want a contingent plan for their spouse, and may not trust the son-in-law. Finally, many of them are just tired of the headaches associated with investing. (Read more…)

Bob Lagonegro, CFP® is a graduate of the University of Washington where he received his B.A. in Business with a concentration in Finance. Bob has successfully completed the College for Financial Planning; he is a Registered Investment Advisor with Haberling Financial Group and in 2010 received his CFP® Designation. (Read more…)

Stephen Palm grew up in the Tri Cities and graduated from Kamiakin High School. He has always had a knack for giving people investment advice. When he was 6 and attending a weeklong summer camp, he told his mom she should not have to pay for all 5 days since he would only be attending four of the five days. It was from those early days that his parents knew he would do something that revolved around money and probably advising others. (Read more…)